About Us

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Cloud9tees was an idea created when friends and family came together to discuss building a business everyone could enjoy. Cloud9 means whatever makes you happy and at peace. Some shirts are humorous and others make a statement. You may know a thug who needs Jesus so, we have ‘Thugs need Jesus too’. You may love marijuana but you don’t allow it to interfere with your priorities so, we have ‘I’m weedy not needy’. Life can hit us hard but can also be full of bliss so, we have ‘God’s Plan’ How does one combine marijuana, spirituality and uplifting ideologies??? Easy! We cater to people’s personalities. When you shop our collection we’re sure you can find a shirt that fits you, your family and friends characteristics.

Cloud9tees Is an up and coming company based in Milwaukee, WI. Who provides fun t-shirts, hoodies, hats and bracelets to those who enjoy marijuana, spirituality and positivity. 

Thank you for your support and check back often for new products.